Our Message is Simple

ISP 360  simplifies the Design and Documentation process. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.
Incorporating ISP 360 will save you Time, Money and Frustration.

RM Hayes & Associates is a full-service Inside Plant Design and Documentation company operating since 2003. ISP 360 is our flagship product that simplifies the documentation process.  ISP 360 is developed by users for users.


ISP 360 is a powerful Graphic Visualization Platform for Design & Documentation of Inside Plant Facilities.  ISP 360 provides a user-friendly interface for updates, equipment status reports and asset information.  ISP 360 allows users to quickly populate and maintain a facility by establishing a standardized data collection form to validate and import the data in one simple process, thereby eliminating the needs for multiple data entries.  Rack elevations and reports are a by-product of ISP 360.  Drawing rack elevations and updating multiple spreadsheets are a thing of the past.  Elevations can be exported to Visio and reports downloaded to Excel for off line users to review.

IT infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace, demanding effective tools for managing assets and improving workflow. Spreadsheets may be a quick and easy way for documentation, but in the long run it’s costing you money.


ISP 360 is our solution to simplifying your design and documentation workflow.  ISP 360 was developed by users for users, because we understand how time consuming documentation can be.


ISP 360 is a tool suite specifically designed to consolidate a multitude of ISP data into a single database, thereby eliminating the need for updating multiple spreadsheets and drawings.  While that’s true, it’s only part of the story. More importantly, when it comes to ISP documentation, ISP 360 is a significantly more productive platform because we were users first, so our functionality is centered around  data population, data quality and ease of use.  We reduce the time to populate and maintain data, saving you time and money.

Are Spreadsheets the Best Choice for Your Documentation?


Did you know that approximately 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors and have cost companies billions in lost revenue?  Everyone has experienced spreadsheet errors and the cost to correct them.  The real question is, can you rely on spreadsheets as your documentation platform?  Do you know the lost revenue and time consumed using spreadsheets as a documentation platform?


Spreadsheets have their place in documentation.  They have been updated over the years to incorporate database like qualities, but Spreadsheets  Are Not A Database.  Inside Plant facilities are constantly changing and requiring a platform that consolidates data, interfaces with existing systems and gives you the ability to effectively manage your assets as-well-as increase data accuracy and automated reporting capabilities.  That’s what we have done with ISP 360.


Are you using spreadsheets as your main documentation tool?
Are you struggling to keep accurate records?
Has poor documentation resulted in additional labor costs?
How many hours are you spending filling out spreadsheets?
Can you identify the status and location of your Inside Plant assets?
How much work overlap have you experienced collecting the same data?
How many man hours are spent each month updating spreadsheets?



If you answer YES to any of the above questions, we can help improve your data quality and reduce your documentation cost.


Please Contact us to schedule a call or email [email protected] and start a conversation.

ISP 360 Advantages

12 Years Experience Building Tools & Simplifying the Documentation Process

ISP 360 was built by users for users to simplify the documentation process reducing effort and increase productivity

ISP 360 is simple to navigate to quickly populate and connect equipment

Advanced integration features allow user to populate a site in hours, not days

We simplified the workflow process to reduce workload and inter-departmental work overlap to increase productivity

ISP 360 Key Features

Database schema is designed to interface with third  party systems to share data across the enterprise

Productivity Features

  • The Kit Builder allows you to build multiple service architectures, store them in a customized library and use them at any location
    • Using ISP 360’s Kit feature, a facility can be designed in sections, replicated  and completed at least 70% faster than manual input methods
  • Our Data Importer uses a standard “run list” created during the integration phase to identify equipment placement and connectivity
    • The import feature will reduce your input time by a minimum of  80%
  • ISP 360’s Sequencing Feature saves time in updating equipment names automatically vs manually updating each location
  • ISP 360’s Find-Replace and Swap Equipment Feature reduces tedious updates and changes in equipment locations and swapping out equipment

Our customers Own and Control their data

ISP 360 is a Client Server Architecture

ISP 360 Portal utilizes Azure Cloud Server for project data and report storage

Azure Security Identity

Interfaces with MS Active Directory

Secure features lock unauthorized users out

User & Admin features assign Roles-Permissions Facility Management Changes

Application Self Installer – Installs and updates ISP 360 client application in minutes

Automated Reporting

Reports are generated during or  after work is completed via the ISP Web Report Generator Tool.  It allows users to run reports immediately from their desktop and prioritize reporting que

Standard Reports

Project Tracking Features

Design Versioning

Notes Field -Designer or field technician can specify requirements that need attention to a specific chassis or module

Equipment Status- ID equipment status from design to integration Working-Spare-Design-Reserve

SME Equipment Modeling

15 years equipment modeling experience

Over 2000 pieces of equipment modeled in library