For over 15 years RM Hayes has specialized in Inside Plant (ISP) documentation and solutions. Our tools and processes were based on our experience as users, therefore our tools are developed for a user friendly environment. We have streamlined the Inside Plant (ISP) documentation process by incorporating easy to use data collection templates and tools to quickly load and track data more efficiently within our ISP 360 Platform.


Our philosophy is to handle the data as little as possible.  Our goal is to pull data from existing resources rather than manually facilitating audits. Our core belief is to minimize process steps. “Inside Plant Made Simple‘” is what we do.

Our Mission

Set standards to measure progress and accuracy-“What Gets Measured Gets Done”

Perform the Layout and Design 1st, then amend the design during integration –  After-the-fact documentation is costing you money

Your database workflow should emulate a conveyor belt, extract/download for updates, upload and post updates when  completed

Simplify the workflow process and pull data from existing resources

Reduce the dependency of spreadsheets